Sowerby Toby set (7 pieces) and Plaza set (5 pieces)

Produced:  Shown in the 1938 catalogue as a 7 piece set (Toby) and a 5 piece set (Plaza)


Long tray

Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot



Known colours: flint (clear), blue, green, amber, 

Notes: This set uses the 2501 tray

Credits:  Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.

Toby_Cadet_tray.jpg Toby_Plaza_cstick.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_01.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_02.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_03.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_04.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_05.jpg Toby_Plaza_pot_06.jpg Toby_Plaza_ringholder_01.jpg Toby_Plaza_ringholder_02.jpg Toby_part_set.jpg Toby_partset.jpg Toby_partset_green.jpg