Catalogue image is copyright of and used with the kind permission of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works volume two and may not be used elsewhere without their consent.

Produced:  1933


Tray 11" x 7"


Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot


Known colours: Clear, green,

Notes:  The pieces of the Junior set match those of the Cadet set except for the tray and the large lidded pot. The Junior tray (as above) has an all-over repeating pattern, whilst the Cadet tray has the star centre. The Junior large lidded pot has no finial, whilst the Cadet large lidded pot has a finial.

Credits: Glen & Stephen Thistlewood,

  AN_junior_candlestick_clear.jpg AN_junior_candlestick_cup_detail.jpg AN_junior_candlestick_pattern-detail.jpg AN_junior_pintray_clear.jpg AN_junior_pot_large_clear.jpg AN_junior_pot_pattern_detail.jpg AN_junior_pot_small_clear.jpg AN_junior_set_clear.jpg AN_junior_tray_clear.jpg