Catalogue image is copyright of and used with the kind permission of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works volume two and may not be used elsewhere without their consent.

Produced:  1933


Tray 11" x 7"


Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot


Known colours: Clear, green,

Notes:  The pieces of the Junior set match those of the Cadet set except for the tray. The Cadet tray has the star centre, the Junior tray (as above) has an all-over repeating pattern.

Credits: Glen & Stephen Thistlewood,

  AN_junior_candlestick_clear.jpg AN_junior_candlestick_cup_detail.jpg AN_junior_candlestick_pattern-detail.jpg AN_junior_pintray_clear.jpg AN_junior_pot_large_clear.jpg AN_junior_pot_pattern_detail.jpg AN_junior_pot_small_clear.jpg AN_junior_set_clear.jpg AN_junior_tray_clear.jpg