Bagley Filey set © Anne Nichols

 SITE NOTE: After the recent server move we are rebuilding this website so some of the information has not yet been added back onto it. This is a large work-in-progress and info is being added as quickly as possible, but it is a hobby project so has to be fitted in around the day job. Your patience whilst the update is done is appreciated.  It is better to have some of the info back online than none of it! is an identification site devoted to glass trinket sets, also referred to as dressing table sets, boudoir sets, or toilet sets. It's a work-in-progress and information is being added slowly as it's found so please bookmark us and check back from time to time to see what's new. 

Trinket sets were made in many different materials over the years but glass ones themselves comprise a huge range made in clear or coloured glass, pressed glass, cut glass, and even crystal. Many were made by glassmakers in the UK whilst others were imported from countries such as Czechoslovakia, Germany or France. 

The aim of this site is to try and identify which sets were made by which manufacturers, and in what colours and time-scales. Where an entry shows known colours these are either compiled from examples we have seen or photographed, or from the colours listed in the catalogue for that pattern.  If you have examples in colours not mentioned please let us know, and if you can supply images of them we'd be most grateful.

Images showing as many examples as possible will be included as they are found. Any photo examples of trinket sets or part-sets, or even of single items from a set would be welcome to add to the photo collection. Copyright on all images loaned for use on this site will be respected, and the images will not be used elsewhere without the express permission of the donor. 

The information on the site will be drawn from books and websites, magazines and unpublished information from researchers - please see the References menu for full details. 

My eternal thanks go to all those whose research and information has helped me pull together this site - most of them are members and friends from the Glass Message Board and the Pottery & Collectables Board