Inwald Lord pattern pot detail
1 Black Poppy
A Pictorial Collection of Art Deco Glass
2 Chance Glass
Website on Chance Brothers glass, of Smethwick, by David Encill.
3 The Cloud Glass Reference Site
Chris & Val Stewart's history of cloud glass and the Davidson Glassworks
4 Československé sklo
Jindrich's Czechoslovakian glass resource site, includes catalogues and articles, and much more besides.
5 The Glass Message Board
Angela Bowey's online glass discussion forums.
6 Pressglas Pavillon
Pamela Wessendorf's fabulous private museum of pressed glass.
7 The Glass Museum
Angela Bowey's online glass museum. Angela is co-author of Bagley Glass and owner of the Glass Message Board, the Glass Encyclopedia and the Online Glass Museum.
Fabulous collection of catalogues and pattern books owned by Dieter Neumann, a private collector in Germany, and made available by Pamela Wessendorf.
9 The Glass Study
The Glass-Study is bringing a new dimension to the use and publishing of research material. The first phase (2007-2012) will be a library of original material with an emphasis on quality of reproduction and fully searchable text.
10 The Glass Zoo
A catalogue is being created to help identify some of the many glass figurals that are out there. Each item is illustrated by one or more images and where available more than one example in one case over 30 images!
11 Scotland's Glass
A chronicle of glass from and relating to Scotland, including the country's glass industry and its people.
12 Thistlewood Carnival Glass
Carnival glass website of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood, who are also authors of the Sowerby Glass CDs
13 Ysart Glass
This site is about the glass made by a Spanish family, the Ysarts, in Perth, Scotland, beginning in 1922. (Ysart is pronounced "ees-art")
14 The Glass Bibliography
The Glass Bibliography, Wiki version managed by Frank Andrews