Sowerby County trinket set 1933 advert

Produced:  as a 7 piece set from 1933


Tray - either diamond shape with trimmed ends as shown in the advert image above, or an oval with corners


Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Candlestick - either a round one as shown, or a hexagonal candlestick with leaf pattern on the foot part

Known colours:

Clear, clear with gilt highlights, frosted white, uranium green, clear blue, frosted pale blue, frosted green, amber, 


Glen & Stephen Thistlewood, and Wayne Stephens, for pattern information, LinzC for finding the advert image.

AN_county_tray_clear-gold.jpg AN_county_tray_clear.jpg AO_County_frosted_white.jpg County_cstick-and-pot_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_cstick_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_part-set_uranium-green.jpg County_part-set_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_pot_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.1.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.2.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.3.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.4.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.5.JPG Sowerby County clear variant 1.1.JPG Sowerby County clear variant 2.1.JPG Sowerby County frosted green uranium - c. ladybird166 1.1.JPG Sowerby County frosted pale blue - c. Graham Bayliss 1.1.JPG Sowerby County green uranium 1.1.jpg Sowerby County green uranium 1.2.jpg Sowerby_County_amber-1.1.JPG Sowerby_County_blue_cstick_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_set1_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_set2_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_tray_Anne-Craig.jpg candlesticks_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg csticks_clear.jpg pots_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg set_1_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_2_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_3_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_4_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_frosted-uranium-green-under-UV-light_Angela-Evans.jpg set_frosted-uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg tray_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg