Sowerby County trinket set 1933 advert

Produced:  as a 7 piece set from 1933


Tray - diamond shape with trimmed ends as shown in the advert image above


Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Candlestick - either a round one as shown, or a hexagonal candlestick with leaf pattern on the base

Known colours: Clear, clear with gilt highlights, frosted white, uranium green, clear blue, frosted pale blue, frosted green, amber, 

Notes: The County tray, pots and pin-tray are also used for the 2522 Diamond set with the 2522 candlesticks.  The oval tray with corners shown in some of the images below is not yet confirmed as Sowerby.

Credits: Glen & Stephen Thistlewood, and Wayne Stephens, for pattern information, LinzC for finding the advert image.

AN_county_tray_clear-gold.jpg AN_county_tray_clear.jpg AO_County_frosted_white.jpg County_cstick-and-pot_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_cstick_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_part-set_uranium-green.jpg County_part-set_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg County_pot_uranium-green_Anne-Bennett.jpg Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.1.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.2.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.3.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.4.JPG Sowerby County clear  - c. rottidog2011 1.5.JPG Sowerby County clear variant 1.1.JPG Sowerby County clear variant 2.1.JPG Sowerby County frosted green uranium - c. ladybird166 1.1.JPG Sowerby County frosted pale blue - c. Graham Bayliss 1.1.JPG Sowerby County green uranium 1.1.jpg Sowerby County green uranium 1.2.jpg Sowerby_County_amber-1.1.JPG Sowerby_County_blue_cstick_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_set1_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_set2_Anne-Craig.jpg Sowerby_County_blue_tray_Anne-Craig.jpg candlesticks_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg csticks_clear.jpg pots_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg set_1_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_2_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_3_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_4_frosted_Neil-Ritchie.jpg set_frosted-uranium-green-under-UV-light_Angela-Evans.jpg set_frosted-uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg tray_frosted-white_Pamela-Cassidy.jpg