Catalogue image used with the kind permission of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works volume two - catalogue image is copyright of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood and may not be used elsewhere without their consent.  Pieces are known with the registered design no. 752847. 

Produced: from 1933


Square tray

Long tray

Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot



Known colours: 

clear, pink, blue, green, amber


Glen & Stephen Thistlewood

  752847.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde 1_Eugenie-Peters.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde clear 1.1.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde clear 2.1.JPG Sowerby Tynesyde_Eugenie-Peters.jpg part-set_amber.jpg pot_blue_lilly-1634.jpg ringholder_blue_lilly-1634.jpg set_pink_Fred-Cooper.jpg