Sowerby 2466 Tynesyde trinket set in 1931

Pieces are known with the registered design no. 752847. 

Produced: Shown in the 1931 catalogue as a 7 piece set, also with an alternate narrower tray.


Oblong tray

Long tray

Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot



Known colours: flint (clear), pink, blue, green, amber

Notes: The Tynesyde tray is used with the Toby set pieces to create the Bute set. The alternate narrow Tynesyde tray is also used in the Countess (7 piece) and Regal (5 piece) sets. 

Credits:  Glen & Stephen Thistlewood. Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for access to his catalogues. 

  752847.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde 1_Eugenie-Peters.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde clear 1.1.jpg Sowerby Tynesyde clear 2.1.JPG Sowerby Tynesyde_Eugenie-Peters.jpg part-set_amber.jpg pot_blue_lilly-1634.jpg ringholder_blue_lilly-1634.jpg set_pink_Fred-Cooper.jpg