Sowerby 2552 Butterfly pattern trinket set

Produced:  From 1935. Originally introduced as a 7 piece set in amber, green and blue acid finished. Also seen as a five piece set from the 1950's as above image from 1953. 


Tray 12" x 9"

Pin-tray 3½" x 2½"

Large lidded pot 3½" diameter

Small lidded pot 

Candlestick 3¼" high

Known colours: Clear (flint), amber, blue, green, pink, uranium green, frosted amber, frosted green, frosted pink, frosted blue,

Notes:  Some of the pots are found with metal lids with a Bakelite/plastic finial.  One example is known of a black candlestick, whether this is its original colour or a painted/sprayed version I cannot say.

Credits: Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.

Photos: Anne Bennett, NACollectables, Rod Crowshaw, Sally Logue, 

2552_pink-pintray_02.jpg 2552_pink-tray_01.jpg Sowerby Butterfly 2552 amber 1.1.JPG Sowerby Butterfly 2552 blue 1.1.JPG Sowerby Butterfly 2552 blue 2.1.JPG Sowerby Butterfly 2552 green 1.1.JPG Sowerby Butterfly 2552 green uranium 1.1.JPG Sowerby_Butterfly_tray_green_Rod_Crowshaw_PGCC.jpg butterfly_black_Anne-Bennett.jpg butterfly_cstick_amber.jpg butterfly_cstick_blue.jpg butterfly_csticks_amber_blue.jpg butterfly_csticks_pink.jpg butterfly_green_NACollectables.jpg butterfly_part-set_amber.jpg butterfly_part-set_deeper-blue.jpg butterfly_part-set_frosted-blue.jpg butterfly_part-set_uranium-green.jpg butterfly_pattern-detail_amber.jpg butterfly_pintray_amber.jpg butterfly_pintray_blue.jpg butterfly_pintray_clear.jpg butterfly_pot-variant-lid_blue.jpg butterfly_pot_finial_green.jpg butterfly_pot_foot_green.jpg butterfly_pot_green.jpg butterfly_set_amber.jpg butterfly_tray_amber.jpg butterfly_tray_amber_2.jpg butterfly_tray_clear.jpg butterfly_tray_green.jpg part-set_blue_Sally-Logue.jpg