Sowerby 2501 set from 1953 catalogue

Sowerby 2501 set from 1960 catalogue

Produced: As a 5 piece set from the 1940s. The earlier version is as shown in the 1953 catalogue above. The later version has different pots and candlesticks as shown in the 1960 catalogue above. 

Pieces: Earlier version

Tray 10½" x 6¾"


Lidded pot with finial

Candlestick - flared base

Pieces: Later version

Tray 10½" x 6¾"


Lidded pot without finial

Candlestick - barrow base

Known colours:  Earlier version: Flint (clear), amber, blue, green. Later version: Flint (clear0, blue, green. 

Credits:   Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.

Photos: Anne Bennett, Fred Cooper, 

2501_cstick_green_01_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2501_cstick_green_02_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2501_cstick_green_detail2_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2501_cstick_green_detail_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2501_set_green_earlier_version_with_additional_later_pots_Angela-Evans.jpg 2501_tray_green_Anne-Bennett.jpg Cadet_green_tray_Anne-Bennett.jpg blue-tray-notay42.jpg