Sowerby 2590 trinket set

Produced:  Shown in the 1938 catalogue. Supplied as a 7 piece set.



Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot



Known colours: amber,  blue, flint (clear), green, also in frosted amber, frosted blue, frosted green, 

Notes: The same tray is used in the 2636 set

Credits: Adam Dodds for pointing us in the direction of Sowerby some years ago, NevB on the Glass Message Board for the uranium green set photos, Colin Birkinshaw for the uranium tray images. Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.

2590_part-set_green_NevB.JPG 2590_pot-base_green_NevB.JPG 2590_pot-lid_green_NevB.JPG 2590_pot_green.jpg 2590_pots_green.jpg 2590_tray_green.jpg Sowerby_2590_amber_Colin_Birkinshaw_1.jpg Sowerby_2590_amber_Colin_Birkinshaw_2.jpg Sowerby_2590_amber_Colin_Birkinshaw_3.jpg