Sowerby 2697 trinket set

Produced:  From the 1950s, as a 5 piece or 7 piece set. The 1960 catalogue (above) shows it in Flint (clear) only.  I don't know when the coloured versions were introduced. 


Tray single pattern line

Tray double pattern line (as per catalogue)


Large lidded pot with finial

Large lidded pot no finial

Small lidded pot no finial


Known colours: Flint (clear), rosalin (pink), uranium green, blue, clear and black (thanks to Colin Birkinshaw we know that when seen in this colourway the tray, pintray and pot bases are clear, and the candlesticks and pot lids are black).

Credits:  Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.  Photos by kind permission of Fred Cooper, Di, Eugénie Peters, Colin Birkinshaw (the black and clear pieces)

2697_csticks-detail_uranium-green_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_csticks_clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_csticks_uranium-green_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_csticks_uranium-green_UV-light_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_part-set_clear_1.jpg 2697_part-set_clear_2.jpg 2697_pot-open_clear.jpg 2697_pot_clear.jpg 2697_ringholder_clear_1.jpg 2697_set_pink.jpg 2697_tray_cat-version_clear.jpg 2697_tray_clear.jpg 2697_tray_csticks_uranium-green_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_tray_uranium-green_Fred-Cooper.jpg 2697_tray_uranium-green_UV-light_Fred-Cooper.jpg Sowerby 2697 candlesticks 1.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 1.1.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.1.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.2.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.3.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.4.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.5.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.6.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.8.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium 4.9.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.1.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.2.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.3.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.4.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.5.jpg Sowerby 2697 green uranium uranium 2.6.jpg Sowerby 2697 peach-pink 1.1.jpg Sowerby 2697 peach-pink 1.2.jpg Sowerby 2697 tray clear  1.1.jpg Sowerby 2697_ringholder_Eugenie-Peters.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_1.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_2.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_3.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_4.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_5.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_6.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_7.jpg Sowerby_2697_clear-black_Colin_Birkinshaw_8.jpg cstick_clear_Di.jpg pot-with-finial_blue.jpg pot-with-finial_clear_Di.jpg pot_clear_Di.jpg ringholder_clear_Di.jpg set_clear_Di.jpg tray_clear_Di.jpg