Sowerby 2487 set with ring-holder

 Sowerby 2487 set with pin-tray  

Produced:  As a 5 piece set from the 1950s. The 1953 and 1954 catalogues image show the set with a ring-holder, the list 39 (from the 1950s), the 1956 and 1960 catalogues shows the set with a pin-tray.


Tray 12" x 8"


Lidded pot 3¾" diameter

Candlestick 4½" high

Ringholder 3¾" diameter

Known colours:  Flint (clear)

Notes: The slightly purple-tinged candlesticks in the gallery below are flint which has become sun-purpled (irradiated). 

Credits:  Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the catalogue image.

  2487 clear  - tall candlesticks - c. roos-things 1.1.JPG 2487 clear  - tall candlesticks - c. roos-things 1.2.JPG 2487 clear complete 1.1.jpg 2487_cstick_clear_Hil-Farley.jpg 2487_csticks_clear_Hil-Farley.jpg 2487_tray_clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg AN_2487_cstick.jpg AN_2487_cstick_base.jpg AN_2487_cstick_detail.jpg AN_2487_csticks.jpg