Catalogue image used with the kind permission of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works volume two - catalogue image is copyright of Glen & Stephen Thistlewood and may not be used elsewhere without their consent.

Produced:  before 1933. Shown as crossed through in the 1933 catalogue.




Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot


Known colours: Green, powder blue, rosalin (pink), amber

Notes: The Minor tray and large lidded pot appear to be the same as the tray and lidded pot in the Norwich set. The candlesticks in Norwich and Minor appear to be the same design but the Minor ones are shorter than the Norwich ones. Minor has small lidded pots and a pin-tray, Norwich does not. 

Credits: Glen & Stephen Thistlewood  Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works volume two. Photos Angela Evans, and AO.

  AO_Minor_rosalin.jpg Minor_set_amber_Angela_Evans.jpg