Walther Sonnenfische

Produced:  In the 1936 catalogue


Tray - pattern  (sonnenfische - Sunfish)

Lidded pot - pattern (fische - Sunfish)


Candlestick - pattern 35035 (this was originally the base for a two part Neptun pattern table centrepiece, the bowl had a peg to fit into the holder on the base. This made it also idea as a candlestick.)


Known colours:

Frosted pink, frosted blue,  frosted green, frosted clear (white), frosted amber, 


Pamela Wessendorf's  amazing websites: www.pressglas-pavillon.de and www.glas-musterbuch.de

Sonnenfische_frosted_u-green.jpg Sonnenfish_frosted.jpg Walther Sonnenfische large pot 1.jpg Walther Sonnenfische large pot 2.jpg Walther Sonnenfische large pot 3.jpg Walther Sonnenfische uranium 1.jpg Walther Sonnenfische uranium 2.jpg sonnenfish_set_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg sonnenfish_tray_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg