Walther Roland  Walther Roland Walther Roland  Walther Roland


In the 1933 catalogue 


4-sided candlestick pattern #21234 height 19cm

6-sided candlestick pattern #21235 height 19cm

handled candlestick pattern #21236 diameter 11.5cm

tooth brush holder pattern #21241 height 12.5cm

large powder pot pattern #21219 diameter 10.4cm

small powder pot pattern #21220 diameter 7.8cm

oblong tray pattern #21216 size 31cm x 22.5cm

oblong tray pattern #21217 size 26.5cm x 20cm

oblong tray pattern #21218 size 22cm x 16.5cm

oval tray pattern #21186 size 24cm x 14.5cm

oblong tray pattern #21212 size 30.5cm x 16.5cm

oblong tray pattern #21213 size 30.5cm x 20.5cm

oblong tray (new star) pattern #21214 size 30.5cm x 20.5cm

12-sided tray (new star) pattern #21249 size 32.5cm x 21cm

Known colours: Clear, 

Notes: Roland is a series that comes in a wide range of shapes and patterns in different items so it can be very confusing!


Pamela Wessendorf's  amazing websites www.pressglas-pavillon.de and www.glas-musterbuch.de

Siegmar Geiselberger's Pressglas-Korrespondenz 

AN_Roland_tray_clear.jpg Roland_21220_pot_AN.JPG Roland_21220_pot_open_AN.JPG Roland_21220_pots_AN.JPG Roland_clear_cut_1_1.jpg Roland_clear_cut_1_2.jpg Roland_clear_cut_1_3.jpg Roland_clear_cut_1_4.jpg Roland_clear_lid_amber_pots_ringholder_tray_AN.jpg Roland_clear_ringholder_AN_01.jpg Roland_clear_ringholder_AN_02.jpg Roland_clear_ringholder_AN_03.jpg Roland_clear_ringholder_AN_04.jpg Roland_pink_-_c__bling1944_1_1.JPG Roland_pink_-_c__bling1944_1_2.JPG Roland_pink_-_c__bling1944_1_3.JPG Roland_pink_-_c__bling1944_1_4.JPG Roland_pink_-_c__bling1944_1_5.JPG roland_set_uranium-green-under-UV_Angela-Evans.jpg roland_set_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg