Produced: In the 1931 and 1933 catalogues


Tray (oval)  - pattern #42863 size: 32cm x 23cm

Candlestick - pattern #42861 size: 18cm tall

Perfume flask, tall - pattern #42856 size: 16cm tall

Perfume flask, round - pattern #42857 size: 10.7cm tall

Large lidded pot - pattern #42854 size: 10.5cm

Small lidded pot - pattern #42855 size: 8cm

Ringholder - pattern #42853 size: 9.5cm

Comb tray - pattern #42852 size: 24cm x 9cm

Pin tray - pattern #42851 size:12cm x 4.5cm

Soap dish - pattern #42850 size:11.5cm x 8cm

Atomiser - pattern #   size:  (not in the 1933 catalogue)

Known colours:  Frosted green, 

Notes: The tray shown with the set below is a different pattern to that shown in the catalogue, but is often seen with the pots and candlesticks. Prismen is very similar to, and often confused with, the Libochovice 1700 set but there are significant differences between them - e.g. ringholder shape, pot lid pattern, candlestick cup pattern, and tray pattern. 

Credits: Pamela Wessendorf's amazing websites: and

Prismen_frosted_green_AWS_Dresden_label.jpg Prismen_frosted_green_csticks.jpg Prismen_frosted_green_pots.jpg Prismen_frosted_green_set.jpg Prismen_frosted_green_tray.jpg