Kristallglasfabrik Füger & Taube, Vohenstrauß, Bayern. Operational from 1947 - 1954.

 Kristallglasfabrik Füger & Taube

Füger & Taube was formed by the merger on 10th October 1947 of Füger-Glas (formerly of Steinschönau [Kamenický Šenov] in the Sudetenland from where they had been expelled in 1945) with that of Alfred Taube. At the time of the merger both companies were based in an unused part of the Johann Seltmann porcelain factory in Vohenstrauß. In 1948 the shareholders of the new partnership set out to build their own glassworks, along with 30 apartments to accommodate their staff. The first glass was produced at the new glassworks on 30 January 1950, under the company name Kristallglasfabrik Füger & Taube GmbH. The partnership was dissolved on 31 December 1954, and in January 1955 the Füger brothers founded a new company in Waldkraiburg.