VEB Glaswerke Schoenborn aka Johannahutte

Schönborn, VEB Glaswerk Schönborn, (formerly East) Germany (post-War) 
Originally (1899 - c.1937) Johannahütte, located near Luckau, NL, Germany. Initially industrial glassware, now (Post-War) cut lead crystal functional glassware  

The favourable location of the "Pauline" pit in 1899 led the entrepreneur Ernst Jähde to set up his glassworks "Johannahütte" with 100 employees in the vicinity of the mine. With mouth-blown glasses for petroleum, gas and carbide lights, the Schönborn glass factory soon gained world renown, so that on the eve of the First World War the workforce had grown to nearly 200 employees. The glassworks delivered lead crystal products of the highest quality in many countries of the world in GDR times. [Source: Wikipediaönborn_(Niederlausitz)]