Ernst Buder Glasshuttenwerk, Volpriehausen (Han.), Germany

The firm existed from 1950-1987. On the website it is variously named as  Glashütte Ernst Buder, Bleikristallglashütte Buder.

Glashüttenwerk Ernst Buder, Uslar, established 1950; still working 31.7.1986 (Stichtag der Doktorarbeit von Otto Moritz) as Kristallwerk Buder GmbH & Co. KG 

Kristallglaswerk Buder GmbH & Co KG,

Address: Postfach 2110 D - 3418 Uslar 2 Germany

Products: Machine-made crystal
This form of the name also appears on a 1982/3 tableware catalogue in Rakow library. Products included are Glassware includes pitchers, trays, footed bowls, covered dishes, vases, candlesticks, decanter sets, tumblers, ice buckets, novelty ash trays, animal figurines, and barware.  

More Info: GMB topic about Buder:

Until 1986 Volpriehausen was the location of a family owned glass factory by the name of Buder who produced pressed and mouth blown lead crystal. The factory has been demolished, however there remains a museum and a small cutting shop trading under the name Ludwig who to this day are using blanks produced by Buder.


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Frank Andrews and Andrew Perrott on the GMB.