Walther Meteor Walther Meteor

Walther Meteor Walther Meteor

Produced: 1933 catalogue 


Powder pot pattern no. 20770,

Powder pot pattern no. 20771,

Tray with star base pattern no. 20764, size 37cm x 16cm

Tray with flower base pattern no. 20786, size 37cm x 16cm

Candlestick pattern no. 20765, size 19cm

Known colours:


Pamela Wessendorf's  amazing websites: www.pressglas-pavillon.de and www.glas-musterbuch.de

candlestick_amber_01_Walden.jpg candlestick_amber_02_Walden.jpg ringholder_01_Walden.jpg ringholder_02_Walden.jpg set_01_Walden.jpg