Produced:  Shown in the 1937 catalogue first, the large lidded pot was also shown in the 1954 catalogue from VEB Sachsenglas.


Tray, size: 325 x 200mm, pattern 36023

Perfume flask, size: 125mm x 105mm,  pattern 36124

Large lidded pot, size: 100mm, pattern 36024

Small lidded pot, size:   , pattern 

Candlestick, size: 170mm, pattern 36021

Ringholder, size:  , pattern 

Comb tray, size: 240 x 80mm, pattern 36129

Atomiser with bulb & tassel, size: 110mm x 104mm, pattern 36127 

Known colours: Clear, pink, amber, green, blue, uranium green,

Credits: Pamela Wessendorf's  amazing websites: and

Atlantik_atomiser_uranium-green-1_Angela-Evans.jpg Atlantik_atomiser_uranium-green-2_Angela-Evans.jpg Atlantik_atomiser_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg Atlantik_pot_1_Christine-Hudson.jpg Atlantik_pot_2_Christine-Hudson.jpg Atlantik_pot_3_Christine-Hudson.jpg Atlantik_set_uranium-green-under-UV_Angela-Evans.jpg Atlantik_set_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg Walther Atlantik amber - short candlesticks 1.1.JPG Walther Atlantik amber - short candlesticks 1.2.jpg Walther Atlantik amber 1.1.jpg Walther Atlantik amber 1.2.jpg Walther Atlantik pink - short candlesticks  - c. jeaker23 1.1.JPG Walther Atlantik pink with perfume flask 1.1.JPG Walther Atlantik set uranium 1.1.jpg Walther Atlantik set uranium 1.1t.jpg Walther Atlantik set uranium green 2.1.jpg Walther Atlantik set uranium label on ringholder  1.3.jpg Walther Atlantik set uranium under UV  1.2.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium candlesticks 1.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium candlesticks 2.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium candlesticks 3.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium perfume flask 1.1.JPG Walther Atlantik uranium ringholder 1.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium ringholder 2.jpg Walther Atlantik uranium ringholder 3.jpg Walther Atlantik_ringholder_Eugenie-Peters.jpg atlantik_uranium-green_set_1.jpg atlantik_uranium-green_set_2.jpg atlantik_uranium-green_set_3.jpg atlantik_uranium-green_set_4.jpg atlantik_uranium-green_tray.jpg