Produced:  From 1933


Tray 28 x 17cm pattern 42877

Pintray 12.5 x 4.5cm pattern 42871

Large lidded pot 10cm high pattern 42874

Small lidded pot 8.3cm high pattern 42875

Candlestick 15cm pattern 42876

Ringholder 8.5 x 7.5cm pattern 42873

Soap tray 10.5 x 8.5cm pattern 42870

Comb tray  24.5 x 9cm pattern 42872

Stoppered flacon 7.5 x 7cm pattern 42878

Stoppered flacon 8 x 8.7cm pattern 42879

Stoppered flacon 11 x 9.5cm pattern 42880

Atomiser with tassel 8 x 8.7cm pattern 42882

Atomiser without tassel 8 x 8.7cm pattern 42881

Atomiser with puffer bulb (mentioned on only)

Water beaker 1/5 litre pattern 42884

Tumble up set 1/2 litre pattern 42883 

Known colours: Clear, pink, blue, uranium green, Sepia Oralit (cloud), Violet Oralit (cloud), violet, frosted uranium green, 

Credits: Pamela Wessendorf's  amazing websites: and With thanks to Eugénie Peters, ljpiggott100, Huib Kneepkens for the cloud glass photo, Pamela Wessendorf, Colin Birkinshaw for the use of their photographs.

Walther Milton  trinket pots clear 1.jpg Walther Milton 1.jpg Walther Milton 2.jpg Walther Milton 3.jpg Walther Milton pot amber 1.1.jpg Walther Milton, pink - c. ljpiggott100 1.1.JPG Walther Milton, pink - copyright Pamela 1.1.JPG Walther Milton, pink 1.1.JPG Walther Milton_ringholder_Eugenie-Peters.jpg Walther_Milton_blue_Colin_Birkinshaw_1.jpg Walther_Milton_blue_Colin_Birkinshaw_2.jpg Walther_Milton_blue_Colin_Birkinshaw_3.jpg Walther_Milton_blue_Colin_Birkinshaw_4.jpg clear_milton_ringholder.jpg clear_milton_ringholder_side.jpg cloud-glass_part-set_Huib-Kneepkens.jpg milton_ringholders_1_Eugenie-Peters.jpg