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Normally seen as a 7 piece set.

The Jacobean pattern was originally made by Josef Inwald in Czechoslovakia and later made by Davidson's in the UK. The main difference between them is, according to Glen Thistlewood who has studied both companies' output, that the Inwald pieces have a very highly polished base, which she describes as a mirror-finish as it is so shiny.




Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Tall candlestick

Known colours:

Flint, amber, 


Glen Thistlewood for her information on the Jacobean pattern and particularly on the base finishes.

Denis Hebden for his comments on the Jacobean pattern, and who was ever so slightly envious of my amber set shown here!  :)


AN_jacobean_amber_part-set.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pattern_detail.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pot.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pots.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_tray.jpg