From the 1930's in the UK


Tray pattern 250, size: 11" x 7½"

Candlestick pattern 2509, size: 7¾" high

Ring stand pattern 2508, size:  3¾" diameter

Puff and cover pattern 2506, size: 3" diameter

Pomades and cover patter 2507, size: 2½" diameter

Known colours:



The Chippendale range was made by Davidson's from the 1930s. Prior to that it was made in the USA and imported into the UK.

The 1930s Davidson catalogue shows just two trinket sets, the set no. 1 and set no. 3. Set 1 was a massive nine-piece set, whereas set 3 was a smaller seven-piece set.


Original Davidson catalogue Chippendale Glassware. Geo. Davidson & Co. Ltd. Sole Manufacturers. Teams Glass Works. Gateshead on Tyne. England. from the 1930s, copy kindly supplied by Rob Faulconbridge.  

Davidson Glass, a history - Chris & Val  Stewart