1938 - 1941. Normally seen as a seven piece set consisting of tray, pintray, large lidded pot, small lidded pot, two candlesticks, atomiser but also available as a five piece set consisting of tray,  large lidded pot,  two candlesticks, atomiser.


Rectangular tray 11¾"x7¼"

Pintray 3"

Large 5" lidded pot

Small 3½" lidded pot

Candlestick 1½"

Atomiser 2½"

Known colours: 

Amber Cloud, Frosted Green,


Davidson Glass, a history - Chris & Val Stewart. 


360_atomiser_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_candlesticks_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_pot2_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_pot3_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_pot4_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_pot_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_set_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg 360_tray_amber-cloud_Angela-Evans.jpg AN_360_tray_frosted-green.jpg Davidson_360_green_-_c__Amy_Doody_1_1.JPG Davidson_360_green_-_c__Amy_Doody_1_2.JPG