The six piece version of the 283 set

Produced: Seen as a six piece set consisting of tray, pin-tray, two short candlesticks and two small lidded pots.  May also be seen with a ring-holder as the blue frosted set in the gallery.


No 4 Oval tray 13" x 8"

Pin-tray 3"

Lidded 4" pot

Short candlestick 2½"

Ring-holder 3"


"In the 1928 and 1935 catalogue, this set is shown with a ring stand, however, production of the ring stand in Cloud Glass ceased in 1933. The ring stand only appears to have been made in Amber and possibly Purple Cloud as well as plain colours." [Source: Chris & Val Stewart, Cloud Glass website]

N.B. The ring-holder is also known in blue cloud, pink, blue, amber, jade, clear and black glass as in the gallery below.

Known colours: Jade, Amber, blue frosted, Amber Cloud, Green Cloud, Purple Cloud, Blue Cloud, clear, 

Credits: Davidson Glass, a history - Chris & Val Stewart. Photos by kind permission of Eugénie Peters, Wendy Duncan, BM, Mrs Vulture, 

283_part_set_BM.jpg 283_set_blue-frosted_Wendy Duncan.jpg 6283_ringholder_Eugenie-Peters.jpg 6283_set_MrsVulture.jpg Davidson_6283_ringholds_01_Eugénie_Peters.JPG Davidson_6283_ringholds_02_Eugénie_Peters.JPG Davidson_6283_ringholds_03_Eugénie_Peters.JPG Davidson_6283_ringholds_04_Eugénie_Peters.JPG ringholder_jade_eugenie-peters_01.jpg ringholder_jade_eugenie-peters_02.jpg