Davidson 5283 set

Five piece version of the 283 set, containing a  No. 4 tray, two candlesticks, a lidded pot, and a pintray.

Produced:  Shown in the 1956 catalogue.


Tray (oval) 13" x 8", pattern no. 4

Pintray 3", pattern no. 283

Llidded 4" pot, pattern no. 283

Short candlestick 2½", pattern no. 283S

Known colours:

Flint, amber, emerald, pink, blue (all clear and frosted)

No cloud glass sets made. 


Davidson Glass, a history - Chris & Val Stewart.  Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the 2nd catalogue image.

283_bigtray.jpg 283_cstick_short.jpg 283_pintray.jpg 283_pot_open.jpg 283_powder_pot.jpg