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Registered Design No: 790482 

Produced:  1933-1975 produced as a seven-piece set, has a matching clock, also short candlesticks and a shaped 6 sided tray have now surfaced (see photos below).


Tray - oblong

Tray - shaped 6 sided


Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Candlestick tall

Candlestick short


Known colours: Clear flint, frosted blue, frosted uranium green, frosted pink, frosted amber, amber, 

Notes: The clear 6 sided shaped tray is an oddity as it doesn't appear in catalogues nor is it mentioned in any of the sources on Bagley Glass. It carries the RD number 790482 which is correct for the Wyndham pattern. The short candlesticks also carry the same RD number 790482.

Credits: Angela Bowey's Bagley Glass book for the information about, and catalogue images of, Bagley patterns.

Photos: Angela Bowey, Christine (lustrousstone), Mel (bfg), cueman147, Angela Evans,

Bagley Wyndham 1333, clear 1.1.jpg Bagley Wyndham 1333, frosted blue 1.1.jpg Bagley Wyndham 1333, green uranium frosted 1.1.jpg Bagley Wyndham 1333, green uranium frosted 1.2.jpg Bagley-Wyndham-variant-clear_cueman147_11.jpg Bagley-Wyndham-variant-clear_cueman147_13.jpg Bagley-Wyndham-variant-clear_cueman147_14.jpg Bagley-Wyndham-variant-clear_cueman147_17.jpg Bagley_Wyndham_amber_Seaside1968_01.jpg Bagley_Wyndham_amber_Seaside1968_02.jpg Bagley_Wyndham_amber_Seaside1968_03.jpg RD_790482_base_view_600px.jpg RD_790482_number_on_top_surface_600px.jpg RD_790482_top_view_600px.jpg Wyndham_01.jpg Wyndham_set_uranium-green-under-UV_Angela-Evans.jpg Wyndham_set_uranium-green_Angela-Evans.jpg bagley-wyndham-1_csticks_pink-frosted_Mel-bfg.jpg bagley-wyndham-1_partset_pink-frosted_Mel-bfg.jpg bagley-wyndham-1_pintray_pink-frosted_Mel-bfg.jpg wyndham_set-detail_lustrousstone.jpg wyndham_set_2_lustrousstone.jpg wyndham_set_lustrousstone.jpg