1938 - 1975 as a 4 piece set as above or a larger set with smaller powder pots as well



Large lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Double candlestick 

Known colours:

Pink, frosted pink, blue, frosted blue, green, uranium green, frosted green, amber, frosted amber, clear


Angela Bowey's Bagley Glass book for the information about, and catalogue images of, Bagley patterns

3057_Bedford_blue.jpg 3057_set_blue-frosted.jpg 3057_tray_amber.jpg Bagley Bedford 3057 4pc set 1.jpg Bagley Bedford 3057 uranium 1.jpg Bagley Bedford 3057 uranium 2-1.jpg Bagley Bedford set green 1.1.JPG Bagley Bedford tray uranium 1.jpg Bedford-3057_cstick_frosted-pink-with-leather- flower_Victoria-Knott.jpg Bedford-3057_detail_frosted-pink-with-leather- flower_Victoria-Knott.jpg Bedford-3057_pot_frosted-pink-with-leather- flower_Victoria-Knott.jpg Bedford-3057_set_frosted-pink-with-leather- flower_Victoria-Knott.jpg Bedford_00.jpg Bedford_01.jpg Bedford_02.jpg Bedford_03.jpg Bedford_04.jpg Bedford_05.jpg Bedford_06.jpg bedford_3057_pot.jpg bedford_3057_pot_open.jpg bedford_3057_powder_bowl_pink.jpg bedford_3057_tray.jpg bedford_3057_tray_pink.jpg