Queen's Choice pattern was used for many items but not, as far as we knew, for a whole trinket set but recent evidence indicates it may have been one.  The powder pot can be found in two sizes and a whole range of colours, the ringholder carries the Registered Design number for the Queen's Choice (RD 698049), as does the tray. The candlesticks appear to be unmarked but are seen as a set with the tray and pots so are presumed to be Bagley also, but this needs confirmation. 


Large lidded pot  7"

Small lidded pot 5" 




Known colours:

White (clear glass), Jetique (black), Jetique + polka dots, green, blue, amber, frosted green, frosted amber, frosted pink, frosted blue, 


Angela Bowey's Bagley Glass book for the information about and catalogue images of Bagley patterns

Eugenie Peters 

Jayne C Morgan

Bagley Queen's Choice lidded pot frosted amber 12cm d 1.1.JPG Bagley Queen's Choice lidded pot frosted amber 12cm d 1.2.JPG Bagley Queen's Choice lidded pot frosted amber 12cm d 1.3.JPG Eugenie-Peters_queens-choice-rd-ringholder_green.jpg Queens-Choice-Cstick-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_01.JPG Queens-Choice-Cstick-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_02.JPG Queens-Choice-Pot-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_01.JPG Queens-Choice-Set-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_00.JPG Queens-Choice-Set-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_01.JPG Queens-Choice-Set-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_02.JPG Queens-Choice-Set-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_03.JPG Queens-Choice-Set-RD-No-698049-Jayne-C-Morgan_04.JPG amber_-_c__2014-cheekymonkey-2014_1_1.JPG amber_-_c__2014-cheekymonkey-2014_1_2.JPG amber_-_c__2014-cheekymonkey-2014_1_3.JPG blue_-_c__Decorative_Vintage_1_1.jpg blue_-_c__Decorative_Vintage_1_2.jpg blue_-_c__Decorative_Vintage_1_3.jpg blue_-_c__Decorative_Vintage_1_4.jpg blue_-_c__Decorative_Vintage_1_5.jpg candlesticks_green_uranium2C_4in_h_x_5_in_base_d_-_C__slea-spitfire_1_1.JPG candlesticks_green_uranium2C_4in_h_x_5_in_base_d_-_C__slea-spitfire_1_2.JPG pots_2-sizes_small-green_large-pink_Angela-Evans.jpg queens-choice_1122_pot_blue_painted_John-vanmann.jpg