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From 1935 as a 4 piece set in clear coloured Crystaltint, from 1946 produced in Crystopal opaline glass.



Lidded pot

Narrow candlestick (from 1935)

Wide candlestick (from 1947) 

Known colours:

Pink, Blue, Green, Amber, Frosted amber, Frosted green, Frosted blue, Green Crystopal, Blue Crystopal

Normally seen as a four-piece set consisting of tray, powder pot and 2 candlesticks 


Has also been seen as a painted set on blue frosted glass with Filey tray and candlesticks with the Queen's Choice 1122 lidded powder pot. 

Has also been seen as a leather flower decorated frosted green set with an additional small lidded pot in the Ripon pattern, 3006. 


Angela Bowey's Bagley Glass book for the information about and catalogue images of Bagley patterns

AN_Bagley_Filey_set_green.jpg Bagley.jpg Bagley_Filey_01_Anne_Craig.jpg Bagley_Filey_02_Anne_Craig.jpg Bagley_Filey_03_Anne_Craig.jpg Bagley_Filey_04_Anne_Craig.jpg Bagley_Filey_cstick.jpg Bagley_Filey_ppot.jpg Bagley_Filey_set.jpg Bagley_Filey_tray.jpg Filey_01.jpg Filey_02.jpg Filey_03.jpg Filey_04.jpg Filey_05.jpg Filey_and_Ripon_mixed-set_frosted-amber_Angela-Evans.jpg Filey_set.jpg allcats_Filey_3008_plus_Ripon_3006_small_pot_with_flowers_02.jpg allcats_Filey_3008_plus_Ripon_3006_small_pot_with_flowers_03.jpg allcats_Filey_3008_with_flowers_01.jpg filey_3008_cstick_blue_painted_John-vanmann.jpg filey_3008_csticks_blue_painted_John-vanmann.jpg filey_3008_set_with_queens-choice_1122_pot_blue_painted_John-vanmann.jpg filey_3008_tray_blue_painted_John-vanmann.jpg filey_blue_set_numerology60.jpg filey_pot.jpg filey_pot_open.jpg set_crystopal_green_Angela-Evans.jpg