Produced: shown in the pre-1958 catalogue


Tray - pattern 3020, size: 350mm x 243mm

Candlestick - pattern 3021, size: 75mm high

Large lidded pot  - pattern 3022, size: 120mm diameter

Small lidded pot - pattern 3023, size: 100mm diameter

Ringholder  - pattern 3024, size: 95mm diameter

Known colours:

Clear, sea-green, pink, blue, amethyst,


Marcus Newhall for information from the Libochovice pattern books

3020_pink_tray_William-Ford.jpg 3020_series_pink_set_William-Ford.jpg 3021_cstick_green_Anne-Nichols.jpg 3021_series_part-set_green_Anne-Nichols.jpg 3022_pot_green_Anne-Nichols.jpg 3024_ringholder_green_Anne-Nichols.jpg Libochovice 3020-3024 amethyst 1.1.jpg Libochovice 3020-3024 blue 1.1.JPG Libochovice 3020-3024 sea green 1.1.jpg Libochovice 30203024_Eugenie-Peters.jpg Libochovice_3020_set_amethyst.jpg libochovice_part_set.jpg