Produced: 1950s


Tray, pattern 1240, size 375mm 237mm

Candlestick, pattern 1241, size 230mm high

Large lidded pot, pattern 1242, size 120mm diameter

Small lidded pot, pattern 1243, size 105mm diameter

Ringholder, pattern 1244, size 96mm diameter

Known colours:



These pieces may carry the Registered Design Number 823697.


Marcus Newhall for information from the Libochovice pattern books, Paul Stirling for checking the National Archives for the registered design number for these pieces, Fred Cooper for finding these pieces in the Libochovice catalogue, Eugénie Peters for the ringholder photo.

1240-1244-Set_Clear.jpg 1244-ringholder_Clear_©_Eugenie_Peters.jpg