During the 1950s, Jablonecglass, also known as Jablonecké Sklárny and Jablonecké Sklo, was responsible for producing items from the back catalogues of other major Czechoslovakian pre-nationalisation glassmakers, including Hoffman, Schlevogt, Posselt, Umann, Riedel, Vogel und Zappe, and Gebr. Feix. An undated catalogue of Jablonecglass Glassexport wares shows a range of highly decorative perfume bottles, atomisers, trinket pots and trays, in styles normally associated with Hoffman and Schlevogt.

Jablonec glassworks was located in Jabloneč nad Nisou (formerly known as Gablonz) in the north of Czechoslovakia, in the Liberec Region close to the Jizera Mountains.

Jablonecké Sklárny collapsed after the Velvet Revolution of 1990, and then became known as Desna glass.


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Jablonec catalogue, undated, courtesy of Michael Siscoe, Dieter Neumann and Pamela Wessendorf via www.Glas-Musterbuch.de