RD no 802467 registered by Hoskins Rose and Co., May 1935 for Libochovice


Still being made @ 1958, and possibly into the 1960s.


Tray - pattern 1860, size: 305x205mm

Candlestick - pattern 1861, size: 182mm

Large lidded pot - pattern 1862, size: 95mm

Small lidded pot - pattern 1863, size: 70mm

Ringholder - pattern 1864, size: 90mm

Known colours:

Clear, pink, green, blue, 


Marcus Newhall for information from the Libochovice pattern books

Libochovice 1860-64 blue 1.1.jpg Libochovice 1860-64 blue 1.2.jpg Libochovice 1860-64 uranium green 1.1.jpg Libochovice 1860-64 uranium green 1.2.jpg Libochovice_1861.jpg Libochovice_1861_cstick_Angela_Evans.jpg Libochovice_1861_cstick_pink_lustrousstone.jpg Libochovice_1861_detail1.jpg Libochovice_1861_detail2.jpg Libochovice_1863.jpg Libochovice_1863_open.jpg