A series of items in the same pattern which may be seen in any combination as a set or as separate pieces 




Tray - pattern 1339, size: 287mm x 108mm

Tray - pattern 1340, size: 318mm x 208mm

Candlestick 3-footed - pattern 1341, size:110mm

Large 3-footed lidded pot  - pattern 1342, size:100mm

Small 3-footed lidded pot - pattern 1343, size:90mm

Ringholder  - pattern 1344, size:80mm

Atomiser - pattern 1345, size 102mm diameter, 55mm high, 130cc capaciity

Perfume flask - patter 1345A, size: 102mm diameter, 55mm high

Known colours:



Marcus Newhall for information from the Libochovice pattern books 

  1342_pot_clear_Anne-Nichols.jpg 1343_pots_clear_Anne-NIchols.jpg 1344_ringholder_clear_Anne-Nichols.jpg SUL_1342.jpg SUL_1343.jpg SUL_1344.jpg lib_part_set.jpg