Produced: Pre-1958 


Lidded pot - pattern 1872, size: 115mm diameter

Candlestick - pattern 1873, size: 123mm high

Tray - pattern 1874, size: 287mm x 253mm

Known colours:

Clear, pink, blue, green


Marcus Newhall for information from the Libochovice pattern books.  Neville Bolton for the green tray photos. Fred Cooper for other images.

1874_tray_clear2_Fred-Cooper.jpg 1874_tray_clear_1_Fred-Cooper.jpg 1874_tray_green_1_NevB.jpg 1874_tray_green_2_NevB.jpg Libochovice 1872-1874 blue 1.1.jpg Libochovice 1872-1874 clear 1.1.JPG Libochovice 1872-1874 pink 1873 tray.jpg