The Viktoria set was introduced between 1925 & 1930 and is shown in the 1930 and 1934 Reich catalogues.


Tablett no. 4847, size 219 x 290mm
Pomadedose no. 4877, size 75mm
Puderdose no. 4878, size 90mm
Ringhalter no. 4904,
Leuchter mit leuchtertasse no. 4841, size 180mm high

A variant set with Viktoria pots & ringholder in the 1930 Reich catalogue is given as follows: 
Tablett no. 4846, size 280 x 120mm (this was also sold as a tray for the cream and sugar)
Pomadedose no. 4877, size 75mm
Puderdose no. 4878, size 90mm
Ringhalter no. 4904,
Leuchter no. 4749, size 115mm high 95mm diameter (shorter candlestick)

Known colours:

Cloud colours made: kobalt-bleu (cobalt blue); grau, (gray); tinten violett (inky violet); bernstein (amber). 
Other colours made: rosa (clear pink & frosted pink); lindgrun (lime green clear & frosted); bernstein (clear amber & frosted); hell (clear), uranium jade green; pink-green bi-colour, pink-blue bi-colour. Frosted blue.


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