Large pot size 100mm

Medium pot size 88mm

Small pot size 87mm

Candlestick size 120mm diameter

Tray size 340mm x 220mm

Pin tray 87mm

Known colours:

Blue, pink, green, uranium green, amber, clear, 


This set has two variant pot handles. The catalogue image shows the U-shaped ones, but we also see piece with the upside down heart shaped handle. Both styles come in all colours. 


Siegmar Geiselberger, Pressglas-Korrespondenz

Mark Powell

Pamela Wessendorf, Presglass-Pavillon

  8975_01_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_02_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_03_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_04_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_05_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_06_Mark-Powell.jpg 8975_set_green_1_Pamela-Wessendorf.jpg 8975_set_green_2_Pamela-Wessendorf.jpg 8975_set_pink_Angela-Evans.jpg 9075_cstick_clear_Anne-Nichols.jpg Reich blue c1934 1.1.JPG Reich pink c1934 1.1.jpg Reich pink c1934 1.2.jpg ryan_hartill_part-set_amber_0.jpg ryan_hartill_part-set_amber_1.jpg ryan_hartill_part-set_amber_2.jpg ryan_hartill_part-set_amber_3.jpg