Jacobean set

Produced: from 1922, designed by Rudolf Schrötter of Rudolfshütte of Inwald in Teplitz. The pattern Lord was also known as Milord (in France) and Jacobean (in the UK.) 


Tray, pattern #7351 - 315 x 225 mm

Large lidded pot, pattern #7354 - 100 x 80 mm

Small lidded pot, pattern #

Candlestick short, pattern #8747 - 115mm x 90mm

Candlestick tall, pattern #7355

Ring-holder, pattern #7356

Pin tray, pattern #7322

Soap tray, pattern #7636

Comb tray, pattern #7321

Open pot, pattern #7637

Atomiser, pattern #7336

Perfume bottle, pattern #7317

Beaker, pattern #7320

Tall lidded pot, pattern #7319

Known Colours: Clear, amber, blue, green,

Credits: Marcus Newhall, Sklo Union Art Before Industry: 20th Century Czech Pressed Glass (published 2008, Hope Fountain Books, ISBN 978 0956 062307).  Siegmar Geiselberger of the Pressglas-Korrespondenz Mike Tomlin of the fabulous Victorian Pressed Glass website for the 2nd catalogue image.

AN_jacobean_amber_part-set.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pattern_detail.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pot.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_pots.jpg AN_jacobean_amber_tray.jpg Lord_amber_part-set.jpg Lord_amber_pattern_detail.jpg Lord_amber_pot.jpg Lord_amber_pots.jpg Lord_amber_tray.jpg