Produced: from 1929


Tray, pattern #8820, size 285 mm x 235 mm

Large lidded pot, pattern #8821

Small lidded pot, pattern #8822, size 80 mm diameter

Candlestick, pattern #8824, size 150 mm high

Ring holder, pattern #8825, size 95 mm diameter

Pin tray, pattern #8823, size 108 mm x 70 mm x 20 mm deep

Soap tray, pattern #9929 #9959

Pot, pattern #9927

Atomiser, pattern #9928

Perfume bottle, pattern #9930

Comb tray or jardinière, pattern #9931 #9960, size H 6.5 cm, B 8.5 cm, L 22.5 cm

Known Colours: Clear, lilac, clear with enamelling (for images of the enamelled versions see under Inwald > Leroc)

Notes: Although stamped as LEROC, this item was made by Josef Inwald and is shown in their 1934 catalogue. [Info courtesy of Glen Thistlewood on the Glass Message Board]  The Reg Design number 750112 (registered in 1929) was initially assumed to relate to the decoration of the pieces by LEROC but the finding of plain clear examples stamped LEROC seems to have proved this theory incorrect.  The RD no 750112 is found in the acid stamp and as a number in the mould itself so also appears on non-enamelled pieces. The registered design number was registered by Clayton Mayers on 15th November 1929 under Class 4. Its copyright expired on 15th November 1934. Glen Thistlewood said, "The glass (i.e .the actual items with the impressed heron design) was made by Josef Inwald and was shown in their 1934 catalog." 

Credits: Pressglas-Korrespondenz

  Crane.jpg Crane2.jpg Crane3.jpg Crane4.jpg Kranich_01_c_adam20.jpg Kranich_02_c_adam20.jpg Leroc_ringholder_clear_Angela-Evans.jpg Leroc_ringholder_clear_RDno_Angela-Evans.jpg Leroc_ringholder_detail_clear_Angela-Evans.jpg