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Produced: 1935 -


Tray, #7111 or #7112 (Konfektplatte, Musterbuch „Service Neckar“, Nr. 7111 L 26 cm, B 14 cm, H 3 cm / Konfektplatte, Musterbuch „Service Neckar“ Nr. 7112 L 38,5 cm, B 16,5 cm, H 3 cm)

Lidded bowl, 

Known colours:

Pink, green, blue, amber, clear, violet


Although shown here, and found in use, as a powder pot, this is shown elsewhere as a lidded sugar bowl, so the small tray shown with the pink lidded pot may actually be for a cream jug and sugar bowl or a cake plate, which is more fitting for its size.

The lidded pots shown here do not have the indents along each lid ridge. There are similar pots which do have those indents which are part of a trinket set with an, as yet, unknown maker. You can see them in Mystery Album #082


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