Produced: In the 1939 catalogue as single items and as a 4 piece set comprising tray, pot, two candlesticks


Tray  P334, 11¾" x 8"

Lidded pot, P286/72 4" diameter

Note from LinzH: In addition to the 4" dimension given in the advert (which is the widest point of the bowl), the base measures 2.75" diameter and the powder bowl stands approximately 3.75" tall (with lid on).

Low candlestick, P332  4" diameter, 2" high

Known colours:



LynzH on GMB for finding the catalogue image and the pot images and Fred Cooper for the set images

St Helen's Community Archive website

AN_P332_cstick_01.jpg AN_P332_cstick_02.jpg AN_P332_cstick_03.jpg P286-332-334_1_1.jpg P286-332-334_2_1.jpg P286-332-334_2_2.jpg P286-332-334_2_3.jpg P332PowderBowlBase_LinzH.jpg P332PowderBowl_LinzH.jpg P332PowderBowlx2_LinzH.jpg