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Known colours:

Flint, pink, green

Notes by Anne:  

I originally thought that this might be uncatalogued Rosice (Czechoslovakia) as the same shape tray with a different base pattern appears in the 1950s catalogue from Moravske Kyjov at Rosice (see Czechoslovakia > Rosice > pattern 2036) but then some labelled versions emerged marked Crystalor Made in England.

It is possible that the moulds used by both glassworks were supplied by the same firm, or that Crystalor bought moulds from Rosice or vice versa but there is no proof either way at the moment. So far nothing else is known of Crystalor.

What may be significant is that the tray is often found with the same pots and candlesticks as are the Century trays, and that both Century and Crystalor are found in the same three colours: pink, green and clear. 


3colours_cstick.jpg Crystalor set 2.jpg Crystalor set 3.jpg Crystalor set 4.jpg Crystalor set 5.jpg Crystalor set 6.jpg Crystalor_label.jpg DSCF0202_cstick.jpg clear_01_cstick.jpg clear_02.jpg clear_03_cstick.jpg clear_04_cstick.jpg clear_part-set_Fred-Cooper.jpg clear_tray_2.jpg green_01_cstick.jpg green_02_cstick.jpg green_part-set_Jayne-C-Morgan.jpg green_pintray.jpg green_pintray_2.jpg green_pintray_3.jpg green_pintray_and_cstick.jpg green_set.jpg green_tray_Jayne-C-Morgan.jpg label2.JPG pink-part-set_1.jpg pink_01_cstick.jpg pink_02_cstick.jpg pink_03_cstick.jpg pink_part-set_2.jpg pink_pintray_Anne-Bennett.jpg pink_set_1.jpg pink_set_2.jpg pink_tray_1.jpg pink_tray_2.jpg pot-side-view_clear.jpg pot-side-view_pink.jpg pot_bases_clear.jpg pot_bases_pink.jpg three_colours_csticks_cstick.jpg