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The Chippendale range originated in 1907 with the Ohio Flint Glass Co., but was sold in 1908 to the Jefferson Glass Co. of Ohio, when Ohio Flint Glass Co. was in financial difficulties. In 1919 Central Glass Works of Wheeling, W.Va., obtained the rights to manufacture the pieces, which it did for at least 10 years. Sometime between 1929-1933 the moulds were sold to Central's UK importer, Charles Pratt, and all subsequent Chippendale glass was made by Geo. Davidson's Teams Glass Works at Gateshead. Davidson's subsequently purchased the moulds from Pratt. See also English > Davidson > Chippendale for details of the patterns made in England. 


From 1907 to c.1929-1933


T1170 Cold cream jar

T1171 Cold cream jar - full cut 

T1175 Powder puff jar

T1176 Powder puff jar - full cut 

T1185 Cologne bottle - pressed stopper 

T1186 Cologne bottle - cut stopper

T1190 Puff pot

T1191 Puff pot - full cut

T1500 Cologne bottle

T1502 Cologne bottle - drop stopper 

T310 Candlestick 7"

T314 Candlestick 4½"

T317 Candlestick 7½"

T319 Candlestick 9"

T325 Candlestick 7"

T326 Candlestick 7" - cut top

T328 Candlestick 9"

T329 Candlestick 9" - cut top

T332 Candlestick 9" 

T333 Candlestick 9" - cut top

T335 Candlestick 8½"

T336 Candlestick 8½" - cut top

T340 Candlestick 8"- cut top

T340 Candlestick - Cut 10

T340 Candlestick - Cut 12

T341 Candlestick 8"- cut top - Moonstone 

T345 Candlestick 9½"

T346 Candlestick 9½" - cut top

T355 Candlestick 9½" with 1⅜" hole

T356 Candlestick 9½" 

T360 Candlestick 8½"

T361 Candlestick 8½" - cut top

T362 Candlestick 8½" - cut top and etched

T370 Candlestick 8½"

T371 Candlestick 8½" - cut top and etched

T650 Oval tray 12"

T650½ Oval tray 12" - cut and polished bottom

T656 Square tray 6" 

T656½ Square tray 6" - cut and polished bottom

T659 Square tray 9" 

T659½ Square tray 9" - cut and polished bottom

T667 Oblong tray 8"

T667½ Oblong tray 8" - cut and polished bottom

Known Colours:

Clear, Moonstone where noted alongside item, 


Krys-Tol! Krys-Tol! Krys-Tol! by Jean Chapman Loomis (ISBN 0971227209)

Chippendale "Krys-Tol" Catalog No. 41 (reprint) Central Glass Works, Wheeling, W.Va., 

Fred Cooper for photos and information

Notes from Anne Nichols:

Neither the Loomis book nor the CGW reprint catalogue show complete American-made trinket sets; instead, individual items were made which could, and were, grouped together as sets by retailers or by the customer herself. Some of the items were catalogues as having multiple uses, e.g. T1170 is given as a Cold Cream Jar or a Horse Radish Jar, whilst T1175 is given as a Puff Jar or a Pickle Jar. Such flexibility was, no doubt, a huge aid to marketing!

Notes from Fred Cooper: 

Krys-tol, US, Chippendale set in clear glass. Clear Krys-tol mark. Dating from 1907-1926.  

The pieces look identical to the later Davidson (see English > Davidson > Chippendale) sets apart from the mark.

Krys-tol-Chippendale-pot-and-pintray-clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg Krys-tol-Chippendale-set-clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg Krys-tol-Chippendale-tray-and-pintray-clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg Krys-tol-hippendale-mark-clear_Fred-Cooper.jpg