Glass Trinket Sets

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283/4 pattern

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283/4 pattern
283 Tray
283 Pot
283 Pintray
283 Candlestick
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Davidson 283 part set

Produced: 1922 - 1936 normally seen as a seven-piece set consisting of a large tray, a pintray, one large lidded pot, two smaller lidded pots, and two candlesticks.


No 4 Oval tray 13"x8",

Pintray, size: 3"

Large lidded pot, size: 4"

Small lidded pot, size: 3"

Candlestick, size: 7½"

Known colours:

Amber Cloud, Green Cloud, Blue Cloud, Purple Cloud,  jade, amber,


Davidson Glass, a history - Chris & Val  Stewart. 

Photos: Barry Morgan & Anne Nichols